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The Hush Sound is an American indie pop band from Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Initially named "The Hush," the band later changed its name to "The Hush Sound" due to the discovery of a rapper with the same name.

if you can't hide it, just throw some fucking glitter all over it---- ----the other tumblr is: This Pop Culture abandoned projects: begaylittlebird | ----social life: @raevotta | Facebook | Flickr | You Tube | Instagramrecently writing for: The Daily Dot | Out | Vulture previously working with: Billboard | VH1 | New Now Next | My Space | Storyboard | Huff Post | Pop Dust | Popnography | AOL | Idolator | The Village Voice ---- Fluence Link!

And along with co-lead singer and guitarist Bob Morris, drummer Darren Wilson and bassist Mike Le Blanc (replacing departing member Chris Faller), The Hush Sound plays Wednesday, November 12 at The Hawthorne Theater with The Spill Canvas as part of the 2008 Tag This Tour featuring One Republic and a host of supporting bands. We phoned Greta on the tour bus en route to next concert in Omaha, NE. But yesterday a girl waited 20 minutes in line after our show and told us, "Since you expressed your opinion [about Barack Obama], I'm going to express mine... He's very multi-talented and rapping is just one of his many talents.The Hush Sound was founded by Greta Salpeter and Bob Morris.


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