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So many media types struggle with this – it stops being about what they’re saying and evolves into who they are.Plus, I wrote under my own name elsewhere and for a series of clients – what would they think about what I did in my spare time? What I assumed my anonymity would allow me to do is swerve the usual judgement and/or criticism of my looks, and also restrict my vanity to my writing. That’s not to say I’m not as basic as the next motherfucker with a full Instagram top row of selfies with eight filters over them – I like to get a like and a share, of course I do – but I would know for sure people would only be interested in me for what I said.We all seek out very different things in life and over the years I’ve learnt that the key to finding harmony is about connecting with those who are on the same page as us.Especially with romance and dating, nothing is more fatal than an unfortunate pairing of souls whose ultimate objectives are on diverging paths.Each year it holds one of the largest Pride parades globally (this year it’ll be hosting World Pride), and in general it is a very gay-friendly city.

Fame leaves me cold; I’ve only ever been interested in success. Even as I type these words, seeing them appear on the screen doesn’t make the whole experience any less surreal.The reason is I’m a gay guy in his mid-thirties who was on the verge of giving up hope of finding love in the age of online dating. I had – still have – absolutely no desire to be famous.


The main, initial reason was that I was writing about going on dates and didn’t want to be identified. I was both fearful of recriminations and worried it would mean I could no longer be honest when writing up further dates – “compromise my artistic integrity”, as Madonna would say. My anonymity, which I maintained until six months ago, allowed me to retain some power, some control.

It’s dedicated to reviewing the Guardian’s incredible Blind Date column, which I pretend I loathe but obviously I love it and am obsessed by it. It’s updated every Saturday morning, unless I’m having the day off, which is RARE.


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