Hard to get dating


I can never catch a break, and it really makes me mad.

There's always something keeping thing from moving forward."I've got a boyfriend", "I'm talking to somebody", "I'm not interested in a relationship right now", "I just want to stay single right now", "If I didn't have a boyfriend I'd totally date you", why can't things be more straightforward? Women flirt with me A LOT, but when I try and establish something it crumbles.

You may be aware that in the dating and relationships world, some experts will tell you that playing hard to get is the way to get the man you want, or to become more attractive.

(Click here to get the 17 Attraction Triggers)The question is, however – do men really want what’s hard to get? It seems like if you are hard to get, then you are automatically desirable. Watch the video above, I talk you through what men actually really want.

No matter what they tell you, men love it when you drive them crazy. That's exactly what happens when you're harder to get. But if you want to learn the truths of Human Nature that cause a man to fall deeply in love with you... Here are just a few: Some women say, "With a really great man, I shouldn't need to play games." We say, "Great men love a challenge. In fact, any book on love, whether it was published last week or 200 years ago - has more of a plot than that!


It doesn’t matter if right now, you’re sad about what has happened to you in the past, or maybe even angry that someone has done you wrong, it will all change in the future.

But what if we don't know if someone really likes us or not? Gilbert of Harvard University recruited 47 female undergraduates.



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