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3 shims are included for each size and are organized in a compartmentalized plastic container to keep all of your 141 total shims together. With a 450r you always have to keep a eye on your valves. Pleased with the time that they shipped too, they got here early. Machine this part was bought for: 2007 HONDA CRF150R Expert Valve shims are well organized in the case with all the shim sizes written on the bottom so you don't mix them up.

At 75 bucks a pop at the dealer this product will start saving you money soon and for a long time. Also has shim thickness written on each individual shim which was some what harder to read than other shims but I'm still very satisfied.-m-2015 SUZUKI RMZ250--This kit is a must have for anyone doing any of their own mechanic work.

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These shims are around - each at a shop so to me this kit is a no brainer. Machine this part was bought for: 2006 YAMAHA YFZ 450Well, my dealer's mechanic said these valves don't really go out of spec like the old tappets do.


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This Valve Shim Kit from Hot Cams will save you from unnecessary trips to the store or ordering incorrect shim sizes since you’ll have all the shims you need on hand for pretty much any clearance.

These shims are precisely manufactured with the exact diamter for your machine and are sized in convenient increments for a total of 47 different sizes of shim. People may say it's a little higher priced but rocky mtn had them at the cheapest price compared to other websites.

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