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import sys SMTP_TO = sys.argv[1] SMTP_TO = SMTP_TO.split(',') SMTP_FROM = sys.argv[2] SUBJECT = sys.argv[3] MESSAGE = sys.argv[4] TEXT_FILENAME = sys.argv[5] SMTP_USERNAME = sys.argv[6] SMTP_SERVER = '' SMTP_PORT = 25 SMTP_PASSWORD = '' # now construct the message import smtplib, email from email import encoders import os msg = email. I commented out line 1, and it returned the same message for line 3.I am using the following code to send an email using VBA. I think this is due to more than one email address in the '. Is there a way of adapting the code to allow multiple email addresses?

If I select one option it will send an email to the email specified. Full Name ' You can add other files by uncommenting the following line.

For this purpose, it is necessary to get backup of Whats App conversations / chats and restore them later.


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