Htc friend stream not updating facebook


Facebook Live makes it easy to share your gaming moments with friends. Simply hit "Alt Z" to bring up the Ge Force Experience overlay and go live.

Your friends can see your gameplay, as well as react and comment while you're broadcasting.

Facebook's ticker is that annoying updates box on the right-hand side of your account.

It updates in real time, showing you all of your friends' current activity.

HTC Sense is a software suite developed by HTC, used primarily on the company's Android-based devices.


And now there's another annoying problem that Facebook users have to deal with—the ticker.Featured Stories, CES, Ge Force Experience For years, Ge Force Experience has enabled gamers to capture and share gameplay to fans and friends.Today, we're enhancing our sharing capabilities by adding support for Facebook, giving you the ability to broadcast live to Facebook and upload screenshots and recordings directly to your Timeline.Live videos (from general users and celebrities) can be subscribed to via the news feed, meaning you will get a notification every time the broadcaster goes live.

According to Facebook, on average “people watch a …This means you see everything your friends are doing on Facebook, including status updates, new friendships, fresh photos and videos, added links, page likes, game progress, and comments on everything there is to comment on.


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