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He vows to represent Modoc County as well as the other counties in the sprawling Second District.

He knows full well that rural counties don't always get the recognition at the state and federal levels they need and he also believes in less government and more local control.

Our attorneys are the leading experts on gun policy in the United States, and we’re fueling the fight for smart gun laws in three important areas: legislation, litigation, and education.

In 2015, our staff tracked 1,323 gun laws across all 50 states, and, by our count, 125 new smart gun laws have been enacted in 41 states in the three years since the tragedy at Sandy Hook.

ARCHIVES Northwestern University Ninety-Fourth Annual Commencement Monday, June i6, igjs CAMPUS MEADOW, EVANSTON, ILLINOIS THE PLEDGE Traditionally Taken By Northwestern Graduates on Receiving Their Degrees With a solemn sense of my responsibility i pledge myself to hold my degree as a sacred trust, with untarnished honor to myself, in generous loyalty to alma mater, and with fidelity to my country, my fellow men, and my god. Clifford Northcott The Methodist Church, Wisconsin Area The Honorary Degrees Doctor of Science — George Wells Beadle Distinguished biologist, now Chairman of the Division of Biological Sciences, California Institute of Technology. Neil James Nichols Burdette Melvin Olson Morris Duane Olson John Humphrey Peat Harold Tyner Perry, Jr.

The Program PROCESSIONAL THE NATIONAL ANTHEM (The first stanza) (Audience unll please remain standing until the Invocation has been pronounced) INVOCATION The Reverend William F. Chaplain of Episcopal students ADDRESS James Lewis Morrill President, University of Minnesota AWARDING OF CERTIFICATES. Roscoe Miller AND CONFERRING OF DEGREES President of the University ADMINISTERING THE OATH OF OFFICE TO CANDIDATES FOR COMMISSIONS Captain Gerald D. Through his brilliant researches as a geneticist he has pioneered a vast new area of biology, physiological genetics, and has made spectacular contributions to our knowledge of the manner of action of genes in heredity. Donald Tosh Ramsay Robert Keene Randall Carmen Aida Ricart Pedro Antonio Ricart Marvin Limbert Richeal William Harrison Rose Hugh Hanlon Ryan Wayne Phillippi Shaulis William De Lime Sheppard Howard Charles Tanner, Jr.

State Assembly Candidate Doug La Malfa, of Richvale, (Butte County) spent New Year's Eve in Alturas during the day and in Likely for the evening celebration.

On New Year's Day, he participated in the Davis Creek Juniper Berry New Year's Day Parade.


An outstanding teacher, he has attracted students from throughout the world. William Lamar Thomason William Robert Thompson Leo Otto Titze William Wayne Tucker Richard Kent Tunberg Hubert Edward Vande Voorde Harry Wagman Henry A. As a scientist, he has generously given valuable service to the United States Government in many capacities. Brown, Jr., Professor of Biology and Chairman of the Department of Biological Sciences Doctor of Laws — Ordway Tead Teacher, editor, educational administrator. Wilky William George Wilson William Gordon Wright Glenn Henry Zimmer [12] NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY Joyce Alene Gault, B.


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    It is located approximately 55 miles east of San Bernardino, 107 miles east of Los Angeles, 123 miles northeast of San Diego, and 268 miles west of Phoenix, Arizona. Palm Springs covers approximately 94 square miles, making it the largest city in the county by land area.

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    It appears in windows, doors, ceilings, fanlights, sidelights, light fixtures, and other glazed features found in historic buildings (Figure 2).

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