Invalidating cache in asp net same race dating preferences

Namely when the page is requested for the first time and thus isn't cached yet.During that first request the Page_Load is called and the You are right in that typically cached pages are just returned frm the server but this changes when you use Add Validation Callback. NET will call this method to determine whether to returned a cached copy or not.In order to see the most benefit from caching in your applications, you should consider ways of implementing caching at all levels of your program.Implement caching at every layer of your application.Caching by default can only be applied to GET actions.You can build from the source here, or you can install the Nuget version: For Web API 2 (.Also, the main question I have is that I thought Cached pages were simply returned from the server, but the code below indicates that the page life-cycle is being invoked (Page_Load event); I'm confused because the page life-cycle isn't invoked if a cached page is returned, so how would the code in the Page_Load event even fire?

You can specify the following properties: Additionally, the library is setting ETags for you, and keeping them unchanged for the duration of the caching period.Output caching is great because it’s easy to setup, easy to maintain and it can give a big improvement for a small amount of code.Sometimes, the cached item will need to be flushed (and regenerated / recached).To directly control whether a cached version of a page is used or whether the page is dynamically generated, response to the Validate Cache Output event and set a valid value for the Http Validation Status attribute.

Could someone please explain to me what this code is doing? Output caching and fragment caching have the advantage of being incredibly simple to implement, and are sufficient in many cases.


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