Invalidating postdata Paurchatmassage

Caching the response of a HTTP POST request is very niche, and most of what you’ll find online will tell you that you shouldn’t be doing it.

But sometimes you do not have control over the caching headers, for example when using a third party API.The other day I was looking at one or two applications I've developed lately and also looked at some that some friends of mine created.I was looking at the usage of API calls in particular.You can optimize a site’s performance after a switch deployment by enabling selective cache invalidation on target repositories.

A repository that is thus configured invalidates its item caches selectively during deployment, rather than invalidating the contents of those caches entirely.

The first thing I found out is that we are using a ridiculous amount of API calls to get things done. In this era of SPA's we are heavily relying on API calls more than ever.


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