Is andrea kelly still dating the barber

Andrea Kelly’s Just as surprised as her friends--and the viewers--were when Andrea (Drea) Kelly announced she got engaged (then married) to barber Brian Mc Kee back on March 6th, we're all in for another surprise.

With the Full House reboot in the works, everyone's talking about Candace Cameron Bure and her real-life BFF, Andrea Barber, returning to the small screen together. The adorable duo regularly post pictures of their lunch dates, their running adventures, and the Full House glory days, so to get excited for the Netflix series Fuller House, which premieres on Feb.

Tiki Barber and Traci Lynn Johnson pose for a picture before their wedding (left).

The couple went public with the previously clandestine affair in 2010 and Barber met Johnson (right) when she was an intern at NBC and he was working on the 'Today' show Barber incurred the wrath of New York's Jewish community last year when he described his secret affair with Johnson conducted in his friends attic apartment as being like the tragic story of Anne Frank.

Katherine Kelly Lang, who recently divorced her second husband Alex D’Andrea, has said she has moved on from the split and is now open to a new relationship.

Katherine also has indicated that she is looking for a boyfriend unlike her previous husbands.



Cameras recently caught up with rapper and Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Hazel E about what she Does R. Since filming ended, Drea has announced that she and Brian are getting divorced Jaya (Jay) Kelly, the youngest child of R.She has also stated that she is open to dating people from the artistic sphere of life.


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