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An informal text message poll yielded a wide range of results from: “” (This person also likes Big Sean, so I took that with a grain of salt.) But, many of us do actually like White women as people, and this list of White women people we like includes… The aforementioned and explained Alyson Stoner (and her Adidas tracksuit) 9. Her well documented label situation has held her back over the years, but during her brief period of teenage success she stayed true and had a Bow Wow feature (a prerequisite for the Early 00’s). Detective Olivia Benson – Law and Order: SVU For 16 years, Detective Benson has solved the grittiest crimes on the streets of New York, and lot of those special victims and their families were brown folks.This is who Miley and Bieber should have taken notes from. More importantly, her never ending pursuit of justice has kept us entertained us for countless hours. Cool enough to make this list even after “Hollaback Girl.” 6.Even later on when they go to separate colleges, they still manage to keep in contact with each other. Hakeem was not only Moesha's friend Hakeem was also the Mitchell's house guest.Moesha's other childhood friend is Hakeem Campbell (portrayed by Lamont Bentley, who died on January 19, 2005 of being killed in a single automobile car accident, R. Hakeem stayed at the Mitchell's house for breakfast, dinner, and desert almost anything they ate he ate also during the early seasons.Alyson Stoner — and her tasteful Missy tribute after the Superbowl brought the Virginia native back into the spotlight — gives me hope for America.Because along with being everyone’s favorite random dancing White girl in early aughts rap videos, I appreciate it when someone has a genuine appreciation for something that we hold dear.Benson held it down even after Stabler’s departure. Elizabeth Taylor Liz was one of the few celebrities to hold down Michael Jackson after his child molestation charges, she championed liberal causes (including HIV/AIDS during the 80s when it wasn’t trendy yet), and most importantly, White Diamonds has been chilling on your grandmother’s perfume shelf for 55 years. Ellen De Generes First and foremost, everybody loves Ellen.When there’s nothing on TV, SVU is always on somewhere. Ellen stays true to herself, which is one of the qualities Black people appreciate the most in anyone. While we only deem her dancing serviceable, it’s solid for a 50-something year old White woman. Marilyn Monroe The definition of curvy has morphed a lot through the years but Miss Monroe’s figure obviously did not conform to the rail thin standard of beauty.


On June 16, the star seemed to strategically cover her stomach as she reunited with her former costars 19 years after the series finale. The star wore a baggy long-sleeve shirt as she posed with old friends Mayim Bialik (Blossom Russo), Joey Lawrence (Joey Russo), and Michael Stoyanov (Anthony Russo).

Also missing: Blossom's incredible hats."We still look like young whippersnappers," Mayim tweeted about the reunion ...


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