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May has also directed a short film, and has a script in development.In August 2005, May appeared in Blackbird by David Harrower alongside Roger Allam at the Edinburgh Festival in a production by German star director Peter Stein. Do you have an update for the current relationship of Jodhi May? Add a relationship of Jodhi May Add a boyfriend of Jodhi May Do you know of a relationship of Jodhi we don’t have listed here? Let us know of family members related to Jodhi May. You can post as a guest or anonymously if you like.She is often cast as an innocent abused, or an extremely intelligent woman having a breakdown.

Heading out for a walk with their pet dog, Kova, the loved-up couple put on a jovial display as they walked close together meandering through Rose Bay park on Saturday.

"I just hope I haven't messed up her life," said Figgis.

Jodhi May these days gives the impression of being embarrassed by her good fortune - it didn't come without its complications.

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One social media user wrote: 'you are so lucky Nick; you have found a one in a million there mate, look after her; @jodhimeares is an awesome human being mate beautiful on the outside and the inside; you are a good egg yourself mate Merry Christmas'.

The play got a transfer to the Albery Theatre in London in February 2006. In 2010 she played the lead role of Kay in Mark Haddon`s play Polar Bears at the Donmar Warehouse.


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