Jon hamm dating scarlett johansen dating


He was, of course, wearing a Cardinals hat—a white one!

—because, as I mentioned, he's the world's most famous Cards fan and he needs to represent.

Are "Aardvark" co-stars Jon Hamm and Jenny Slate dating?

Rumors about the actors dating have been circulating since last week after the pair were caught going to the movies together in New York City.

Slate, a Columbia grad and alum, is certainly a welcome addition to his already A-list dossier of potential dates.

While this might make Slate the most enviable woman in the America (not England, as that honor goes to Meghan Markle), if they are together, Hamm should be envied equally.

Who wouldn’t want to date a woman who is able to become You Tube cartoon sensation Marcel the Shell at a moment’s notice?

The paparazzi caught the pair going to the movies together.

The pair, who costarred in Aardvark earlier this year, were spotted catching a movie together.

While it could just be a friendly outing, both of them are newly single.

Hammbone was also with a woman: the very hilarious and lovely Jenny Slate, who's appeared in (among other things) magazine.) Hamm and his longtime girlfriend, the writer and actress Jennifer Westfeldt, broke up in 2015.

This year, Hamm and Slate—which sounds like a butcher shop in Brooklyn I'd hate but then actually visit and love and it would be the only thing I'd talk about for weeks—have posed for photographs at parties, not as a couple, just as two people who happen to be at a party and mug it up for the camera.

Recently, the rumored couple have been spotted attending events together.


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