Jun matsumoto and yukie nakama dating

Yankumi, is now overseeing the new students of Class 3D of Akado High School, who still have not opened up to her and are giving her a hard time. I have high hopes that somewhere out there ..there really is Yankumi. There is an article saying that Jun was suppose to appear in Gokusen 2 and in the movie but Jun and Yukie were fighting. manga and drama are way too different, that is to be expected if the way of talking on television be minimized for the good of the viewer's education. when heard the movie I can't wait to see and when I watch gokusen the movie I'm so excited and happy this is the stories I learned so much I'm thinking that all of his student appeared but a little sad because sawada shin do not show in the movie so so sad I keep waiting for it to show shin to yankumi I remember in final episode in gokusen 1 shin like yankumi i hope he pursue his love for yankumi but still happy minami, noda and uchi are in the movie but it is still incomplete or not satisfied. I thought that there would be up to gokusen season 5 and the SP or movie will become there reunion is it good? I hope its Shin again back from Africa or something. One day, the students of 3D get harassed by street hoodlums. A teacher who will go all out for the people he/she cherish. This series has not made my day, or week, or month, or year. But I guess it's the time for them to reunite in a movie I love there chemistry so much. comments mostly showed a rating of high expectations to such specific people. i bet they did it a success in using different characters, it was not long enough though to make them even more memorable. I grow up with this drama gokusen and I proud of this drama part of life and it will never been erased this gokusen marked in my heart forever and i love nakama yukie and the whole cast of gokusen 1,2,3 and the movie. kyaa~~ I saw this yesterday on the Magazine~~ Miura dyed his hair full black again.. There are also secondary couples that I rooted for and wanted them to end up together.But there are a lot of articles about these couples in Dramaland.


A drama full of angst and sweetness, of that chemistry and then everything is memory.There, she meets Matsumoto, a dentist, Tada, a researcher at a food manufacturing company, and Shunpei, a part time worker.



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