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Life is good in the world of Guy Ritchie’s second adventure with Sherlock Holmes.

It’s 1891, and cool stuff is afoot: the Underground is coming right to Baker Street. after a wonderful afternoon of criminal cat-and-mouse, the only sort of foreplay that gets Holmes going. The modern world is approaching, and it’s gonna be awesome. Here at the edge of modernity, threats loom: Mechanized warfare.

One thing that’s noticeably different between this and other recent relaunches is that this is by no means an origin story. John Watson, more than just a sidekick as played by Jude Law, have been working together for many years.

We join them as they’re finishing up their last case before Watson leaves their shared home to marry his sweetheart Mary (Kelly Reilly).

When the future was so bright, you hadda wear shades.

Oh, for a time when men were men (and not little boys) and industry meant hard work (and not corporate malfeasance) and optimism (and not despair) ruled the day.

This was definitely the case when Ritchie was seen out partying with Jude Law and Robert Downey, Jr.

They’re currently working on the film Sherlock Holmes together, which is filming in the city and is directed by Ritchie.


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