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Each red dot on this map represents an act of violence (physical assault, sexual violence, stalking, bullying) – or a choice to tolerate‚ justify or perpetuate this violence.

A red dot is a rape – a red dot is a hit – a red dot is a threat – a red dot is an individual choice to do nothing in the face of a potentially high risk situation.


The resulting influx of celebrity residents, from the Beckhams to Angela Griffin, has added fuel to the celebrity fire, house prices rocketing, bemused residents marvelling at the fame game hype.

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) perches unceremoniously at the far side of the square, hiding behind its old school coffee shop exterior. A wonderful cake display on the wall and lots of people drinking tea, giving it a 1950s film set vibe.

But look further and you notice that the old couple in the corner aren’t eating scones and sipping English breakfast tea, but instead dining on flatbreads and dips, mint tea, and... When Samira and Sayed Sedaat set up shop in 2014, with both English and Lebanese menus, they doubted there would be much demand for Middle Eastern food in rural Oxfordshire.But it was the unlikely discovery of a fabulous little Lebanese café there that caught my eye.



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