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A few key themes surfaced from the poll: 1) Their mom “just knew.” One woman said her mom could just see it in her body language. 4) Their mom found out because they told her—but usually not directly.

Some women said their mom doesn’t know, or at least, they’ve never talked about sex with her.

These sort of patterns point to an unfortunate reality: Talking about your sexual health with your parents—especially when it’s the first time—can be difficult, and may even seem risky.

A lot of the time though, it’s a risk worth taking.



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Zanele, 28, of Witbank"A couple of years ago I went home to Newcastle after I took leave from work, and on that particular day, mom had gone to some women's meeting at the town hall. I was laying on my bed, and being in a frisky mood, decided to start pleasuring myself."I held on to a pillow, picturing whoever I was picturing at the time and got lost in my own little world. Our eyes met for what seemed to last for hours, but it was probably only for a second."She simply repeated that the spinach was in the kitchen and closed the door.


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