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The 's Creator Shonda Rhimes Could Care Less About The Haters ] Hopefully, the addition of this new character will soften the blow after Mc Dreamy was killed off in April.Rhimes lamented about the loss of her character in a statement, but also teased the possibility for change: Tags: abc, actor, cast, creator, grey's anatomy, martin henderson, patrick dempsey, shonda rhymes, tv news Well, we guess she's FINALLY taking her daughter's advice!The adorable cast mates have been spotted together on countless occasions, and NOW we hear Ashton has a vary matrimonial pet name for his new lover-lass!One insider reveals: Tags: ashton kutcher, demi moore, divorce, friends, love, marriage, martin henderson, mila kunis, speculation, spotted, together, wife Pop your collar if you're having sex with Demi Moore! We found some brand new pics from Demi's romantic getaway with her new lover-friend, Martin Henderson.But Jen found a shoulder to cry on while on set – her handsome costar Martin Henderson.

He subsequently appeared in a number of Australian films and television productions including Echo Point and Home and Away, before moving to the United States in 1997, to pursue a career in Hollywood films and to train in a two-year program at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City.

Right after the photos came out of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis sucking face at an industry party, Ashton’s ex Demi Moore played a little press game of her own, and leaked a story that she was dating an actor from New Zealand named Martin Henderson.

had details of a romantic weekend getaway the two allegedly shared, along with some suspiciously clear close-up photos of them together, looking happy.

An inside source dished to Star Magazine, “Jen and Martin met in Georgia on the set of their new film and quickly bonded.

He is always checking up on her and making sure she is happy.” Jen has reportedly been emailing all of her girlfriends and telling them how “amazing” Martin are still mourning the loss of Patrick Dempsey's beloved character Dr. Though as the sun sets on one hunky doctor, Shonda Rhimes gives birth to another!


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