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Kaizer would not reveal why Robert was not on air but said that the station’s talent often took breaks from their shows.

“It is no different to any other industry where people take time off to rest or keep other commitments. We will communicate any changes to our lineup to the media‚” Kaizer said.



To all the Yires, GP’s Koolest, East Rand special S/O to you guys – You have been riding with the 99.2 Frequency since day one, All the academics that walked into a big building with no idea of what everything they’ve ever wanted to do looks like to now hearing you on air, or bumping into you either upstairs or in a tech room, Fifi in the room filled with lots of people always because of the amount of love you have for human beings, Bra Ish with his always welcoming personality when you walk into the building, so many people to meantion. It is time for me to spread my wings, forever in my heart!!!

We also really loved Ntando Duma's low cut gown and Boity's sexy high slit.

Metro FM is going through yet other changes to their line up after SPHEctacula and DJ Naves left the Preparty after 7 years there has been speculation on who will take over.

Anonymous met a lady on facebook a couple of months ago, their agreement was to shag with no strings attached, now that she has started at her new job, it seems that our anonymous has caught a case of feelings, what should he do?

Anonymous has been married for just over two years, she has a child with her hubby now, recently she found out that he has a 15year old child, she feels that she has been taken as a fool and wants to vacate her post as his wife.

Speculation over Robert’s future started when Tbo Touch invited him to dinner over Twitter‚ suggesting that the pair had business deals to discuss.


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