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About an hour and a half, and 45 minutes to get it off. It’s f–king torture and Daryl will not break, so he’s making it pretty difficult for all of us. I had no idea Dwight was going to be such a big character. But I like to hang out in the makeup trailer — the makeup dude is my buddy. You know, yeah, great, I get to make an awesome egg sandwich, but then right after I have to go torture a human being. By the end of the episode I was like, “I’m so done with this.” We don’t have bad actors on this show, so when Norman shows up, he’s on set in this emotional state, he’s in the cell. You can feel the energy coming off him, and it’s not good energy. I mean, in the best way possible because it’s so realistic, but it is hard to be that in it. Did you have to listen to that “Easy Street” song over and over again? But I listened to it over and over again when I got the script, just to get in that mindset, and by the third time I was like, “This is the worst song ever.” Let’s talk about the power dynamics at play between Negan, Dwight, and Daryl. I went against all my morals and codes I had at the beginning, when I came in at episode 606. What’s it like getting bullied by Jeffrey Dean Morgan every day? There are a couple takes we just start laughing hysterically. It would also save on embarrassment if his daughter Morgan, 27, was not in attendance.revealed in a world exclusive, Greg started seeing Kirsten 15 years ago when he was still very much married to Laura.Aussie golf champion Greg Norman plans to marry the woman his family blames for the break up of his marriage to first wife Laura Andrassy - and then helped nurse his broken heart after his brief union with Chris Evert.Friends say the Great White Shark has never been happier than when he is with mother-of-two Kirsten Kutner, and is desperate to marry her and start over again with the attractive brunette.“Greg has been obsessed with his image all his life and now that he has waited out a turbulent period – and the radar is clearing - he plans to propose to Kirsten.” This time round, close friends expect Greg, 55, and Kirsten, 41, to marry in a small ceremony rather than the sort of million-dollar extravaganza he put on for his second wedding to Chris.


“YESSSSS ♥️♥️♥️,” Norman sweetly wrote along with a gorgeous snap from the event.And he now thinks the time is right to formalise their relationship.


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