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Part 1: Naked Obsession Brian settled into his college life with an overwhelming workload, by day and by night.

He was so thankful when all options for college accommodation were exhausted.

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I'd been tutoring Max since High school and as part of my payment for saving him from failing English in his senior year I was told I could use the pool on the days of Max's lessons.

So my routine was to be here a couple of hours before Max came home from his summer job, go for a swim and lay out in the sun.


The waiter smiled and said, “You don’t eat with your eyes, but with your mouths.” That stayed with me because he was right. Her name was Emily, and he thought she was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen in his life.In fact, as I stretched my arms out over my head and arched my back, I felt as happy and satisfied as a cat and reminded myself life was good.Life was always good on Tuesdays and Fridays, the two days a week I tutored for Max, a sophomore at PC whose father was a wolf of Wall Street and owned the gorgeous twelve room house that went along with the amazing Olympic size pool.While I was here it was easy to forget about the rest of the week and life itself.

Easy to forget I'd caught Jeff, my boyfriend of the last three years, cheating on me with Sarah, my-now former-best friend.Adult video chat and free public hardcore shows Get your Access to hundreds of free live sexcams, amateur, girls, couples, guys and shemale…


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