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language learning programme: Spanish, French, German and Welsh ALTISSIA – Global player in mobile and flexible language learning solutions.

Antosch and Lin – Online language learning App2Brain – Learn languages for free Babelyou – A language learning portal which is free of charge and enables language students from over 75 countries in more than 45 languages to find language partners all over the world and to learn or practice a foreign language together in virtual class rooms via video conference.

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Cres Here You can see actual weather on the island Cres in Croatia!

This is a list of websites dedicated to learning a language online – mostly for FREE.

Some sites provide content; others community; and a number have both.

Croatia is situated on the edge of the Adriatic Sea.

A significant part of the country is infertile and stony.

There are times I've wanted to jump through the screen and say, "Hey, you! The coins from the Trevi fountain, I know, are used for charity.


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