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said i was a reformed lesbian who was visited by jesus and saw the light.

my life goal was to go to gathering of the juggalos.

Like I could have met 20 people in the time it takes to send 4 messages back and forth.

I hate long texting conversations in general.i signed up for christian mingle as a joke.

BENCHING Apparently coined by a New York Magazine writer, benching is exactly what it sounds like.

Say goodbye to ordering a small or large beer but instead start using these Spanish measurements: Caña, tubo, doble, jarra, tanque, mini (a mini ironically being anything but small at 750 ml). There is nothing better than hearing an Anglophone saying "Madrizzz me mola mogollón" in a Madrileño drawl, or someone who has spent a lot of time in Andalusia and starts dropping letters from words with such ease you would never have thought they were supposed to be there in the first place, like a casual "¿Qué ‘ase, illo? Slipping in a casual "Joder, I have just lost €50" or a "Jodderrrrr, look how cheap this jamón is"."Oyé, qué bueno está el camarero…..y además es buena gente"…The same word meaning two very different things with Ser and Estar. When you spot false friends or incorrect word endings a mile away.


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