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The court heard that on Thursday, November 20, 2014, shortly 9.30 pm, as a result of a police operation a taxi was stopped on the Grosvenor Road in Belfast in the area of the Westlink bridge heading towards the Falls Road.

Prosecution lawyer Robin Steer said the taxi was a white Fiat people carrier, and had just collected a fare from Glengall Street bus depot.“On stopping the vehicle police saw a male person sitting in the back of the taxi in the middle seat and a black sports bag sitting on the floor at this persons feet,” the court heard.“The male was taken out of the vehicle and identified himself as Vincent Kelly, of 15 Hawthorn Street in Belfast.”The court was told that another officer unzipped the black sports bag and removed a smaller blue holdall from inside.

The officer found a pillow case containing three rifle magazines and a white sock which was tied at the top and contained approximately thirty rounds of 9mm ammunition.

At the bottom of the holdall the officer found a fleece which he unwrapped and which contained a black submachine gun. Kelly was asked if there was anything there that would cause harm or explode. Examination of CCTV at the Ulsterbus depot showed that the defendant had arrived in the city after he boarded a bus in Dublin at 7.28pm on November 20.

He had travelled to Dublin three days earlier with the blue holdall (also seen on CCTV).

A forensic examination of the firearms and ammunition identified it as a PPS43 sub-machine gun which had been reactivated and modified to fire 9x19mm cartridges.

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It has clearly generated worries among those communities, since all three of the centres would not comment on the threat.We're one of the UK's leading universities with a heritage dating back over 150 years. Below you will find information on undergraduate and postgraduate entry requirements, English Language requirements, potential scholarships for international applicants and details of our overseas agents and representatives.



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