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When David Meltzer taught middle-schoolers, they especially enjoyed making a generator out of copper wire.But nothing extinguishes that joy of discovery more than teachers who are unenthusiastic about teaching science because they don’t know the subject matter.“Our foundation is pretty strong and we have weathered very many storms but the good thing is she understands my pressure and I understand hers.” He noted that the only disadvantage with being in the public eye is that people are always looking for a story and if they can’t find one they will create one. One thing that is really cool is if you want a club made and you have enough people interested in it you can present the idea and it can become a club.They mount little carts on tracks to study mechanics, use ultrasonic motion detectors to measure velocity and acceleration, and create magnets out of coiled copper wire.Meltzer has taught physical science to the middle schoolers at the ASU Preparatory Academy on the Polytechnic campus, and he said all students love to see what they can build.“We created a power generator, and you scale that up and it’s the Hoover Dam and you light up a city,” he said.“They’re learning both how to teach, very hands-on, and they’re learning the science content so they aren’t trying to teach something they don’t really understand — which is the big problem in all science education, and we're behind “Teachers back then at the high school and college level made tremendous efforts to expand activity-based teaching but they largely did not succeed,” he said, because by the 1940s, many more Americans started attending high school and the demand for teachers exploded.“The lecture method took over as the primary method of teaching and the experiments were very prescriptive, like following a cookbook,” he said.It shouldn’t have been surprising that Abbas Manjee and Melissa Giroux sometimes delivered coffee to each other’s classrooms. But their students always called attention to the gesture by suggesting that the two were in love.


There are ways to become involved with the campus with Student Alumni Society, Student Government, and Admissions.He said that typically, K-8 teachers aren’t required to have specialized science training, even though they're teaching physics concepts including mechanics, Newton’s laws of motion, electricity and magnetism, in physical science classes.“You don’t teach physical science by standing at a blackboard and lecturing to students. You get them involved in carrying out investigations, solving problems, doing experiments,” he said.



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