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Tyler Durdenis the Co-Founder and Executive Producer for Real Social Dynamics.

He has been the creative mastermind and main public speaker at hundreds of RSD seminars worldwide.

So if you have been turned off by a lot of the mainstream PUA stuff and are looking for a classier, deeper source of information then I think Adam’s programs would probably be a nice refreshing change of pace for you.

His website Approach Connect has some very illuminating articles on it, and he even writes on The Huffington Post.

[fimage]Owen Cook’s interest in the seduction community began with his difficulty in adjusting to his split with a long-term girlfriend during his college days.

Tyler Durden made seduction seem playful and subversive-unlike, say, Speed Seduction, which required homework, rote memorization, and even meditation exercises.

He was diligent; analyzing much of the available online information and relentlessly field testing a variety of dating skills.



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