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License applications for the regular deer gun, youth, muzzleloader and resident gratis licenses now are available online at gov, and paper applications will be at vendors throughout the state in the next few days. Nonresidents only can apply for licenses through the Game and Fish website.The number of licenses available for 2017 includes 2,750 for antlered mule deer, an increase of 200 from last year; 1,022 for muzzleloader, an increase of 94 from last year; and 245 restricted youth antlered mule deer, an increase of 20 from last year.The fit is a natural one: Ford’s dad, Al, was one of the finest lightweights in Canadian history and now is a member of the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame.Not until September will the move have any effect on the public.Heinrich and other fisheries personnel from the Baudette office have been working at the site doing an annual assessment of the spawning fish.(Minnesota DNR photo)In a news release, the Game and Fish Department said 54,500 licenses will be available for this year's deer season, an increase of 5,500 from last year.



However, for the sixth consecutive year, there are no mule deer doe licenses available in unit 4A because of higher winter mortality, which caused a slight decline in numbers from 2016. A new law passed by the North Dakota Legislature allows youth who turn age 11 before the end of the calendar year to receive a whitetail doe license valid for only the youth deer hunting season.Ford will work his way into the light-heavyweight class (175 pounds) in time for a KO Boxing event yet to be announced.


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