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Under the law, prostitutes are basically professionals who engage in sexual activities in exchange for money.

The government allows this activity as long as they pay taxes and keep legal documents.

The trade union of Hungarian prostitutes is still fighting for the zones.

There are strict conditions under which prostitutes are to operate, keeping distance away from schools or churches.

Discussing it over lunch, she’s careful not to remove her dark glasses. He took Peters’s remarks out of context and put them up on the overhead: ‘We’re all going to be replaced by workers in India.’ ‘We’re all going to die by our own hands or at the hands of our competition.'”She tries to smile. Peter Naylor is no Stephen Covey — there’s no million-seller where he lays out his management theories. Phonied-up positive thinking is the last thing you need.

You won’t find them on the covers of business magazines identifying them as mass-market change gurus with an easy-to-apply business cure-all. There are a few other nervous laughs around the room. You work out of fear and, simultaneously, resist the urge to work, also out of fear, knowing the process always ends with shortfall and criticism. He worked his way up into staff responsibilities, bought a 17-room house and had a beautiful wife, three intelligent daughters, and a country club membership.

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