Rosie huntington whiteley dating jason Jasmine webcam online

Over the past few weeks, Antonio and blonde beauty Nicole Kimpel have been spotted on cozy date nights around the globe, like a trip to the movies in Barcelona!

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Rosie and Jason announced they were expecting back in February by debuting her baby bump.

Congrats to the happy couple on the wonderful news!

and admits that he isn't terribly concerned about winning anyone over."I've always been apprehensive about trying to do a f--king comedy, because they're either brilliant or they're f--king terrible," he explained."At least in making an action film, there's always going to be someone who wants to see a car chase. He gets it."And when Statham isn't busy on the set of action-packed flicks, or cracking up co-stars in comedies, he's hanging out with the leading lady in his life, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Even if a lot of the people don't like it, there will be a lot of people that do. But this works, and I give a lot of the credit—or all of the f--king credit—to Paul [Feig] and the writing."Feig reciprocated the actor's compliments by telling the mag, "Jason makes every movie better. The 47-year-old dished that when the two are able to find some quality time away from their hectic schedules, relaxing is the main objective.

" she captioned the photo, which was taken by Huntington-Whiteley's fiancé, Jason Statham.

She signed it "lots of love." They have been dating for almost six years.


Lots of love Rosie x’, she captioned the beach snap, raking in a whopping 734k likes.We're guessing that her glow can be credited to her pregnancy, not her line of makeup with Brit brand Marks & Spencer.


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    Since then, she has appeared in other music videos, as well as in magazines such as Related: The 50 Hottest Women From Florida.

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