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You read it right, RSVP inactivated my profile simply because I used an encrypted web browser (Tor Browser) to access the website from another computer.It wasn't until I made enquiries that RSVP advised me of this. My photos are current and conform to the requirements.With leading edge innovation and flexible advertising solutions, we will help advertisers effectively communicate with all consumers across our network.Fairfax Media Ad Centre Fairfax Digital is Australia's premier network of online news, information and classified websites.



In addition, Fairfax publishes regional and community newspapers, financial and consumer magazines, and provides online, interactive and e-commerce services.

I will contact Westpac to get them to refund the credit card charge as there was no service provided What a bunch of thieves. Thinking I may have inadvertently deleted my profile I contacted customer support via email.

I was advised by RSVP that my profile was deactivated as "a security measure" because I accessed it from a different IP.

Genuine people - please don't torture yourself, this site is for the dregs of society and the RSVP admin people do not care if you complain about sunglasses, fake profiles etc. My expectations were met on every level and my experiences were and are reflective of everything I imagined exists.


You can also do advanced searches for members, using anything from eye colour to star sign as search criteria, for free!

Admin support is minimum, change photos are so difficult, many profiles have no photos, i have 6 stamps there and they don't wanna refund me. And I don't want to see scenery, fishing or photos of your dog.


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