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So that was a move that I'll remember definitely for the rest of my life. Definitely want to thank her for that." He declined to reveal what she told him, but it must have been inspirational.

NEW YORK -- Forget about Maria Sharapova's tennis, which is going quite well at the moment. At her postmatch news conference after a 6-1, 6-1 victory over NCAA runner-up Mallory Burdette to reach the fourth round, four-time Grand Slam champion Sharapova said her relationship with Vujacic has been over "since the end of spring, actually.""I was waiting for someone to actually ask me that question, but nobody did, directly," Sharapova said.

The two used to be quite the sports couple -- dating for years until they called off the engagement in 2012 ... Vujacic bristles at the very mention of Sharapova, maybe because there is another lady in the clip who he may or may not be connected to.

but with Drake rekindling his romance with Maria's chief rival Serena, we had to know if reconciliation was on Sasha's brain.

Dimitrov is a 21-year-old from Bulgaria (Maria is 26).

He's ranked 28th in the world, and he just got the biggest win of his life on Tuesday when he upset Novak Djokovic in a thriller.


On July 20, 2004, he signed a multi-year deal with the Lakers.The two were spotted kissing on the streets of Madrid last night, where Dimitrov is playing in the Madrid Open.


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