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xxxxx My apologies to all of my beloved followers that I do not follow back, I want people to follow me because they truly enjoy my stories and not for my follow. (I'm just a weirdo) - I get my inspiration from everything I've been through, or going through.

I check wattpad everyday for comments and I read every single of them. Xx About me( and my writing style ) - I only write Sasu Naru stories, they are the only characters I have emotional attachment to and I need to have that attachment to write from their point of view.

Mikaela had always had feelings for his best friend, Yuu-chan.

Whom return his feelings back, but was more reserved when it came to sharing his feelings.



When he meets a man, something sets off inside him. They are back in the Wizarding World and ready for Hogwarts, but is Hogwarts ready for them?

Requests currently closed until I finish the ones I've already accepted.


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