Sccm 2016 collections not updating hourglass


If fallback status points are installed in the site hierarchy, fallback status point log files are stored in the SMS_CCM\Logs folder on the fallback status point computer.The following table lists and describes the fallback status point log files.

The following table lists and describes the site server log files.One of the common issues i have seen over the years when all of a sudden the collections would not refresh and collection membership would not update. Client0 from System_DISC AS SMS_R_System INNER JOIN v SMS_G_System_Software File AS SMS_G_System_Software File ON SMS_G_System_Software File. Item Key INNER JOIN Add_Remove_Programs_DATA AS __System_ADD_REMOVE_PROGRAMS0 ON __System_ADD_REMOVE_PROGRAMS0. You might simply see the hour glass on the collections, Generally nothing was changed on existing collections but a new collection might have been added. To fix this, check and see if the file mentioned is in the like it is in the screen shot below.

If this file exists and you no longer need this update, simply move the file to a temp location and delete it.If you find that your System Center Configuration Manager 2007 (Config Mgr 2007) or System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (Config Mgr 2012) collections are updating slowly or maybe even not updating at all, take a look at your file.


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