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As one security specialist named Gunter Ollmann said, "Interested in credit card theft?

editorial board published a nasty piece today belittling My’s recent efforts to implement more safeguards for its users.

Curb Credit Card Crimes Stolen credit cards or "hot card" losses can be reduced by alertness and proper security measures by you and your employees.

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My Space [should be] moving faster to set up age and ID verifications, not just study them.” Well, where do I begin?

I get so frustrated when I see comments like this because it is abundantly clear to me that people don’t think things through when it comes to age verification.

All Locations: 800-444-4816 (TTY: 711) Denver Metro Area: 303-832-4816 Northern Colorado: 970-353-4819 Southern Colorado: 719-542-4816 Western Slope: 970-242-4816 Monday-Friday am - pm Saturday 9am - 1pm To send secure email messages, please log in to Online Banking. Sensitive information – account numbers, PINs, social security numbers – should never be included in such correspondence.

The Credit Union will not contact you via email or text about the status of your Credit Union accounts; if you suspect fraud, contact us immediately via secure email through Online Banking, phone, or by visiting a branch office.


The following are guidelines to set up when establishing your policy.Identity fraud is often but not necessarily the consequence of identity theft.


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