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It was hilarious with the south American girls because most of them couldn’t speak English so Ms. I TRULY TRULY TRULY believe that every woman has a special gift. And when you encourage someone who is obviously not gifted in BODY INTELLIGENCE to join a pageant then it’s all in vain. Then she has to learn how to talk about these achievements (like as if she were an ambassador) and share them with the judges during the pre-pageant. and of course practice practice practice answering questions. Universe – she remembered my Mom, and I’ll never forget that.Even though it is widely practiced, prostitution is illegal in the Philippines.for 1896 is a dry-sounding article called “Cagayan Sulu, its Customs, Legends, and Superstitions,” by one Ethelbert Forbes Skertchly.

Penciled on the wall, someone had scrawled “My Mom and Dad love me” and a broken heart.and I gave a politically correct answer – men are strong in their masculinity and women are strong in their femininity, there is no comparison. ZERO time to prepare and that was a BIG, MAJOR, HUGANTIC mistake! interestingly enough, my bffs during the pageant were the Southern American girls – the most beautiful ones along with Ms USA who is half Mexican – she eventually starred in a movie – it think it was The Punisher – Laura Martinez Herring who changed her name to Laura Harring – she even sent me an invitation to her wedding to some German count, they eventually divorced but that’s her story to tell and not mine…So I hung out with Ms. To this day I regret that answer because now I know that WOMEN are STRONGER!!! When I won, I was given 2 or 3 days to pack up for the Ms. To see her in action, watch this video ( to ) Hmmm…. Despite communicationg only through emails, I can personally attest to her sweetness, elegance, and beauty that exudes in every letter of her every word.


I think it was – which is the stronger sex – male or female? You won’t be able to believe all of the stuff that these Filipina Cam girls will do on these webcams.


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