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Please refer the student to the Office of Specialized Services You are responsible for providing the recommended accommodations as described on the accommodation form issued by the OSS to ensure equal access to the classroom information and course content while still holding the students with disabilities to the same academic standard as other students.

It is the responsibility of the Office of Specialized Services (OSS) to determine appropriate accommodations in accordance with the student’s documented disability.

Some religious organizations are exempted from legislation.

For example, in Britain the Church of England, in common with other religious institutions, has historically not allowed women to hold senior positions (bishoprics) despite sex discrimination in employment generally being illegal; the prohibition was confirmed by a vote by the Church synod in 2012.

For example, a person with a physical movement disability based on a spinal injury may need to take regular pain medications and practice movement in order to stay active.

However, addiction may cause negative reactions with their medication that put their health and safety at risk.


After realizing the power of law, she decided she wanted to pursue a career as a disability rights attorney.

[PDF]CR1.:2002/11 Briefing on Civil Rights Issues Facing Muslims and Arab Americans in North Dakota Post-September 11: Proceedings.


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