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AUSTIN, Texas – WC Vision, producers of the Pirelli World Challenge, have revealed a new expanded television reach with its telecasts as more than 700 million global households now have the opportunity to watch Pirelli World Challenge events.

Through the Greenlight International weekly motorsport programming, the worldwide distribution now includes all seven continents with a variety of network partners such as ESPN International, ESPN 2, ESPN Dos, TEN Sports, Fox Sports International, Fox Sports 2, Sky Sports, Star Sports in China and India, Tru Visions and Al Jazeera/Bein Sports.

Main Features: Separate "Remote control" window for convenient viewing of telechannels on the TV set in "window" or "fullscreen mode". Simple and easy to use: TV Player Classic emulates the regular Television set on your PC.

All you have to do is select a country and channel from the list and it will play in the computer window or on the TV.

) is a program for viewing streaming online internet TV channels or Torrent TV (P2P TV) for VLC player.


It is very exciting for our fans, sponsors and racing teams.The 21st century's answer to all these problems is speed dating.



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