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The beautifully designed free app brings you all the news from Tech Crunch’s award-winning website and is fully integrated with Crunch Base—the industry leading startups, entrepreneurs and investors database.Meanwhile, the Tech Crunch Trending list will quickly show you the stories currently keeping the tech world chatting.KEY FEATURES:• Free access to all content from the Tech Crunch website• See what’s currently hot in tech with the Trending list• Comprehensive integration with Crunch Base• Custom designed interface for your i Pad or i Phone About Tech Crunch Tech Crunch has been obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new internet products and breaking the latest tech news since 2005. The biggest problem is that certain article types (slideshows, etc.) can't be viewed in the app, the article just displays as blank. On a separate note, the stories seem to be getting more political in nature by the day.The Webby Award winning site is a leading source for 12 million techies and VCs each month, while the company also hosts major industry conferences and events, including the Disrupt series, The Crunchies Awards, and various meet-ups worldwide serving as community platforms for industry conversation and collaboration. It sometimes can be frustrating having to look through multiple highly political editorial pieces before getting to an actual news story.Everything we’ve asked for, has been done, with extra helpful feedback and input always given where needed. We build our own products and have founded our own awarded starts ups, so we know the drill.


Android Pay will be used for paying into the app; those receiving the money can specify any mobile bank account to collect the transferred funds.As soon as members sign up they can chat, Users are also able to share their Interests and see any friends in common.


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