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Sometimes you have to give up a technology because it doesn’t suit all scenarios….

Added link to Microsoft's list of in-box VSS writers.

1.0 Welcome 2.0 Features 3.0 Product Updates 4.0 System Information 4.1 Windows System Requirements 4.2 Arcserve UDP Agent (Linux) System Requirements 4.2.1 Arcserve UDP Agent (Linux) Server 4.2.2 Arcserve UDP Agent (Linux) Backup Node 4.2.3 Arcserve UDP Agent (Linux) Target Node 4.2.4 Arcserve UDP Agent (Linux) Live CD 4.3 Operating System Support 4.4 Desktop and Laptop Support 4.5 Application Recovery Support 5.0 General Considerations 6.0 Issues Fixed 7.0 Known Issues 8.0 Compatibility Issues with Arcserve UDP Agent (Linux) 9.0 Limitations 10 Language Support 11 Acknowledgements 12 Contact Arcserve Support The Arcserve UDP solution provides an all-inclusive solution for next-generation storage problems of organizations that are trying to protect their data in a rapidly changing virtual, cloud, and services world.


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