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Erdmann Rachel Ergas Marty Eshoff Tim Glass Kentaro Hinoki Heather D.

As an editorial in the British Medical Journal noted, "Public health campaigns have often ignored people's requirement for pleasure" (Cleare & Wessely, 1997, p. However, clinical medicine has begun to identify global quality of life and level of general functioning as essential dimensions of health outcomes (Orley, 1999; Wilson & Cleary, 1995). Coping, expectancies, and alcohol abuse: A test of social learning formulations.

Taking into account the psychosocial as well as medical benefits of moderate drinking balances the heretofore exclusively negative public health emphasis on problematic psychosocial consequences of drinking (accidents, violence, addiction), which considers health consequences of drinking exclusively in terms of risk reduction (Edwards et al., 1994).


Boyde Natalie Leggett Barbara Northcutt Dimitrie Leivic Michael R. Sutton Richard Todd Sarah Thornblade Phillip Edward Yao Irina Voloshina Malcolm Mc Nab Miwako Watanabe Rick Baptist Roger Wilkie Jon Lewis Gabriel Witcher Warren H.

This chapter summarizes these data as an invitation to take stock of their significance.



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