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I believe everything that my boyfriend says.” When asked if Ethan had cried due to the news, Tiffany thought about it for moment and replied, “Crying is not the main point.

He should know what he needs to do.” Tiffany was very calm over the news.

Tiffany and her boyfriend of 8 years, Ethan Ruan reportedly have broken up last month.

Ethan is said to have been trying to salvage the relationship as he dismissed their breakup rumours by writing on his micro-blog, “Tiffany is still my woman.” However, Tiffany confirmed that they had broken up for some time, dashing Ethan’s hopes of reconciling with her.

At the press conference, Yoon Eun Hye revealed that she was flustered by Ethan’s gentlemanly behavior. Ethan also sweetened the flirtation by saying “I love you” in Korean to Yoon Eun Hye. ” Ethan and Tiffany’s romance was exposed in 2007 when they were seen having a vacation in Geding.



Ethan explained to the media that he and the girl was “in the same room but not on the same bed,” and which his “friend arrived a little later to meet up with them.” Although the explanation still seems suspicious, Tiffany has chosen to believe in her boyfriend, “I give my full trust in my relationship.

There were rumors that Ethan wants to fulfill his lifetime promise to her (get married), but she expressed, “I don’t need that.


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