Tough love steve ward dating rules

Apparently men (according to the book) have the attention spans of a gnat so you should only write 3-4 lines on your profile!

Or they will think you require to much work and move to the next.

Reveal it in a way that makes you bond, not one that sends him running for cover. Everybody gets rejected, but it's important to try to learn something from it.

7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Tough as nails and brutally honest Master Matchmaker Steve Ward is back on VH1 Sunday, October 2 at 8 PM ET/PT with a brand new installment of the hit series “VH1 Tough Love.” This season, Steve takes his infamous “Tough Love” boot camp to muy caliente Miami – the ultimate destination for our relationship-challenged women to make a big splash in the dating pool.

Don’t just let him in on a negative experience tell him how it’s helped you grow.8. Most guys love being asked out, since they’re always the ones doing the asking.


Don't bring wedding plans up on a date, or else a guy's going to think you're biological clock is more like a stopwatch.

I thought this was crap..I did it and I have received 2-3x's the amount of responses.

I have actually worked with the REAL Match Makers infact my coach was THE Steve Ward and I have to say I learned more (which wasn't tons) from this book than the sessions I had and I won't tell you how much LESS MONEY it costs one yelled at me, made me cry, or made me feel like I was a worthless p.o.s.

But when you give the guy too much information you're going to ruin the fantasy and he's not gonna want to come back for more. A first date is never a good time to air your dirty laundry. Don't assume the guy you're dating looks at a dollar bill the same way you do.

Women, I know you want the guy to get to know you so you both could feel more comfortable.

As I am recently back out into the dating scene, a lot has changed and I chose this book based on how I enjoy their show Tough Love on MTV.


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