Travis clark dating demi lovato


The latest edition of My Space's Artist On Artist series (which pits artist ...

on artist), features two of Buzzworthy's favorite faces, Demi Lovator and We The Kings singer Travis Clark.

"I definitely feel for the fans — they're out here all day.

At least we have the tour bus — with air-conditioning, with beds — to escape to if it ever gets too hot."We the Kings formed as a band of high school friends in 2005, inspired by radio stars like Jimmy Eat World and Blink 182, which took the speed, volume and attitude of punk rock and linked it to more pronounced melodies and a polished pop vocal style.

To the publication, a source claimed that the 21-year-old singer had to put an end to their romantic relationship because "her attitude and behavior were out of control".

It was further reported while Demi "was a true teenager in love" when she was together with the older brother of Nick Jonas, she was a "mess" and "tortured".

In fact, their latest album is by far their most personal yet. itok=Ylr Bh Lt7", we’re kind of judging you a little bit.The three friends partnered up to create Belly Bump, the new “Three Men and a Baby App,” which “captures one of the most important journeys of your life through time-lapse videos of your growing belly and growing baby once born.” “When [my wife] Emily was pregnant with Maiya, I really wanted to make her a time lapse movie but I kept forgetting and it was actually a lot harder than I thought it would be,” Justin told the mag.“And I’m a filmmaker so it should be fairly intuitive for me.Travis Clark, frontman for the 11-year-old Bradenton, Fla., heavy-guitar pop band, is in the front compartment, behind tinted windows, watching the customers.

"People keep using our mirror by the windshield," he says from his cellphone.

Chelsea Briggs caught up with We The Kings’ front man Travis Clark to chat all about Somewhere Somehow, as well as adventures, working with Demi Lovato and what we can expect from these guys in 2014! Having been in the music industry since they released their debut album in 2007, it’s clear how much these fellas have grown within the past few years.


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