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The Library has a small collection of basic books and reference materials on genealogy for the researcher.

With some new faces at the event joining us, it was a great evening and a chance to meet new friends of Amante! Sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with news and upcoming events!Director Tricia Ford or Assistant Librarian Courtney Francis can assist you with your reference, genealogy, and local history questions with the library’s Cape Cod Collection and Cobb Reference Collection for Genealogy, along with online resources such as Ancestry and Heritage Quest.If you would like to reserve the Cobb Room for Genealogical research, please call the library to make an appointment.Imagine the perfect person, the one dreams are made of, lives only a few miles away, but the odds of showing up to the same club at the same time, and then striking up a conversation, well, let's be honest, it's pretty remote.

By utilizing the full capabilities of online dating and well written personal ads, a person can now not only see a picture of that person, but read a bit about them as well before making that all important first move of introducing ones self.

No longer does a person need to spend countless hours strolling through the hottest new bars and night spots engaging in meaningless conversation with the remote hope of meeting someone special.


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