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Gwolle Guestbook is the Word Press guestbook you’ve just been looking for. Gwolle Guestbook is not just another guestbook for Word Press.

The goal is to provide an easy and slim way to integrate a guestbook into your Word Press powered site. Translations can be added very easily through Glot Press.

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Many applications require multiple resources to be created, such as a Deployment and a Service.

If the tiers of your application bind to each other using DNS, then you can then simply deploy all of the components of your stack en masse.



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    This Agreement applies solely to the Selected Services and no other. Support services are defined in Engine Yard’s Support Policies section of the Engine Yard Website as updated from time to time based on Engine Yard’s then current business practices, and are available for purchase at various tiers separately from the Selected Services in accordance with Engine Yard’s then current pricing for such support services and subject to any terms and conditions provided by Engine Yard with such support services from time to time.

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