Updating assemblyinfo

Browse to the file in the solution root directory and add it as a link (click on the little drop down arrow on the ‘Add’ button in the file dialogue): Do this to all your projects.Now you only have to maintain the version number for the whole solution in one place. It’s common practice to integrate version numbering with continuous integration.The file is designed to be used as a Pre-Build event on a project.As you have probably heard, Microsoft introduced support for DPI scaling per monitor in Windows 8.1.First create the file as a solution item (right click on the solution, Add, New Item).It should look something like this: Now remove those same lines (Assembly Version and Assembly File Version) from the Assembly file in each project in the solution.


In a future post I will talk about various suggested techniques for defining and managing a build version number.

The plugin will change the Assembly Version of all files named Assembly (or other inserted) under the workspace folder.



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