Updating bios for dummies

A few years back, I purchased my first wireless router.I knew that I wanted to configure the wireless network to limit which Media Access Control (MAC) addresses (network cards) could connect to the wireless network.Unfortunately, there was no such setting in the configuration screens of the wireless router, so I went to the manufacturer's Web site and updated the BIOS in the router.I just got a new HP Pro Desk computer that was originally loaded with Windows 8.1 but downgraded to Windows 7 before it was purchased.I am looking for very specific instructions on how not to totally screw up the booting and install a dual-boot ubuntu/windows 8 system.


Also, IMO, if you are spending all that money on a quad core processor and a 8800GTX, it only makes sense to upgrade the motherboard as well.I have since upgraded to Windows 10 and everything seems to be running fine.Today the HP Support popup notified me of a "crucial update" which consisted only of a BIOS update.Do I upgrade my current system or just buy a new one? Can almost do that now with some slow down in congested areas with complex aircraft. However, you have to know the model of the motherboard in order to know if it will handle the QX6700 (open the case and you should see it printed on the motherboard).

Pentium D 3.00Ghz with Nvidia Ge Force 7800GTX video card and 2Gb Ram. I want to upgrade the processor and the Video Card to Intel QX6700 Quad Core 3.20GHz and the Nvidia Ge Force 8800GTX. How do I tell what Motherboard I have and are these updated components compatible? I plan to have work done in local Computer shop, but want to hear opinions of experts here? There is no doubt that A QX6700 and an 8800GTX will run FS9 at its max without problems.

I have been reading/researching for hours now on how to partition for a UEFI enabled, secure boot windows 8 system.



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