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After restarting check to make sure if in 'Settings'-'Servers' the 'Enable Windows file sharing' checkbox is still checked.If not check it again, and restart your Boxee Box 10.Both have been promised as coming soon in recent weeks, and now Boxee has confirmed that two fairly big new rollouts are underway.The first is the Boxee Box Live TV dongle, which is now shipping and will let you augment your Boxee Box with some OTA TV channels for .Though it has an attractive user interface and supports playback of almost any kind of digital media file, it currently lacks popular streaming-media services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Vudu--all of which Boxee says are coming soon.Boxee also does a decent job of trying to collate all of the free video content available online, but the information is often outdated or inaccurate.The Boxee Box is a small, and interestingly shaped, intel (Atom) based HTPC offering the usual like Wifi, Ethernet, HDMI, Analog and Optical Audio and an SD-Card reader.The most interesting part, besides the shape of the case, was the remote control (which later was sold as a separate remote, for use with PC’s). right, up, down, select setup, where as the other side had a complete keyboard. Quite a few people bought this little media player box (almost 30,000 at the end of 2013), but the Boxee team has sold out to Samsung and let’s be honest: Boxee never could really compete with XBMC anyway … After all, Boxee is a fork of XBMC, so that should work, right?

Its glowing green Boxee logo and sharp, protruding edges give it a geek-chic charm that's great for those who like to show off their tech, but those same qualities will make it appear garish to those who want their tech to blend in.

Boxee Box, a Linux box from D-Link that runs a fork of XBMC called Boxee, is dead … I gave the later a try and to my surprise it works pretty well …

maybe we will see some of it return in a re-incarnation with Samsung, but I wouldn’t hold my breath … Boxee can be seen as the “media player” and is a fork of XBMC, and was originally intended to run a HTPC.

Boxee got a head start on the Internet TV revolution, with many users becoming familiar with the open-source media-streaming platform because it was an easy way to add functionality to their first-gen Apple TVs (albeit through an unauthorized hack).


But despite that head start, the finally released Boxee Box by D-Link is already playing catch-up in a product category crowded by Apple TV, Google TV, Roku, connected Blu-ray players, and game consoles.

You can get a closer look at it in our hands-on from CES earlier this month.



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