Updating facebook status via sms


Currently receiving or replying status’ comments via SMS is in beta, hopefully it will be available for the public soon.

KPo /kay po/ is a service to bridge the existing gap that allow Facebook users to update their status via SMS.

Now, users can update all of theirs social media contacts via satellite phone using XGate, too.

Simply select Facebook from within XGate, enter your status update (up to 160 characters), and press go.

Not many people are on smart phones with data plan but almost everyone has a mobile plan that comes with at least 300 free SMSes per month.

Even feature phones will work with this service as well.


XGate has helped people stay in touch via satellite phone email for almost 10 years.

For @tweetitow users, you can also update your facebook status via text/sms.

But before you can do that, you need to activate or add a ‘twitter’ application first into your facebook account. Selective Twitter Status — this I highly recommend twitter application for facebook.

To turn off updates, choose the unsubscribe option on the page itself or SMS “stop” to the same Facebook number – 9232232665.

Unlike Google SMS Channels which can be be used for both push updates and group communication, the SMS feature in Facebook is primarily push (for receiving updates from a page).

As a blogger, you can use this feature to notify readers about your most recently published articles while businesses can use Facebook SMS to communicate deals and offers with their customers (like Pizza Hut sending out discount coupons to all their fans in India via SMS).*Before you start receiving updates from Facebook page, you need to activate Facebook Mobile.



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