Updating gem version

The gemspec can either be created by hand or extracted from an existing gem with gem spec: The cert command manages signing keys and certificates for creating signed gems.Your signing certificate and private key are typically stored in ~/.gem/gem-public_and ~/.gem/gem-private_respectively.There are a couple of solutions I’ve seen people use to solve this.Neither of them is that great: would just update that gem.




For instance, in the scenario above, imagine that nokogiri releases version 1.4.4, and you want to update it without updating Rails and all of its dependencies. Bundler will update nokogiri and any of its dependencies, but leave alone Rails and its dependencies. Want an example of an unexpected side-effect of bundle update? Let’s say you’ve installed the sextant gem into your Rails app so you can see your Rails routes in development mode by navigating to /rails/routes.

Version 1.14 introduced 4 patch-level options that will influence how gem versions are resolved. Note that versions outside the stated patch level could still be resolved to if necessary to find a suitable dependency graph.



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